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revondaandannette.jpgOUR FOUNDERS AND MISSION

We're Revonda & Annette - Sisters, Mompreneurs,  and Grandmothers. We are on a mission to change the way you shop for your sons! When our boys were small, we struggled to find good quality, fashionable boys clothes. There were racks and racks of adorable girls clothes that expressed THEIR personalities, but nothing comparable for our sons! Today, when shopping for our grandsons, we face the same challenge as 20 years ago. Isn't it time things changed? WE thought so.

That's why we created Bluzieboys.com. - an online store that sells nothing but boys clothing for sizes infant through 12. We offer you a  variety of unique items that aren't sold in your local department store and that will make shopping for your son fun again!


ourbluzieboys.jpgOur Bluzie Boys

Our "little men" are all grown up now, with sons of their own.  They all have their own distinct personality and style. We'd love to see YOUR sons personality and style! Share your pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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